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The First Alien-Open Source Brand in the NFT community.

Our project not only grants full IP rights for owning any NFT of our three main collections, but also full IP rights to The Alien Boy brand.

Do cool stuff.

Making NFTs fun again

When I started collecting NFTs in late 2020, the original purpose was to create another place where I could connect with my 7-year-old. But, so much has happened since then. The space has become complex and ranges from a scammer’s wet dream to a place where you meet life-long friends.

The Alien Boy is one of my favorite projects, combining gamification, tech, communities within communities, partnerships, IP, decentralization, and so much more.

There are many reasons to get excited, but one is pulling at my heartstrings with a recent sneak peek. It speaks to the exact reason that initially drew me into the space 17 months ago, FUN with my kid.

Working with @BoomerLFG, founder of @thelandvault, who just so happens to be the largest builder in Sandbox, @TheAlienBoyNFT is bringing @nftworldsNFT alive. The Doogle Land will be opening soon, like actually soon.

This fully developed world will deliver hours of gameplay including:

· Tower defense

· Hunger Games

· Racing games

· Duels

· Knockback FFA

· Capture the flag

· Skywars

· Hide and seek

· TNT Run

· Gun Games

Sneak peek:

@thelandvault has built an immersive and expansive experience that will bring my family closer together with hours of gameplay and laughs. I am here to take this journey into web3 with the ones closest to me. I am introducing my son to the new world in front of us. We will be taking a journey down the path of IP rights, decentralization, and innovation. At the beginning of the journey, we will always be able to look back at the fun we had in The Doogle Land.

Making history in the present is extraordinary. Having the perspective to know and appreciate you are a part of something special is lost on many people. So my suggestion, grab a Doodle, start making some memories, and have a Fock'n good time with friends and family.

The collection has something for everybody.

I am grateful to Boomer and Georgie for putting together an excellent partnership that I only hope further develops over the years.

Also, look for Boomer’s new venture, @joinlifeforce. Builder's build.


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